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Ken and Paula retired from knife making in 2005 to focus on teaching and only make a few knives a year. The KELGIN name was retired at that time as well. If you’d like a knife marked KELGIN, there are 75,000 of them out there. They often show up at Blade Traders on E-bay.  Some are increasing in value faster than others. Fell free to call us for histories of any of our knives. Some are quite rare and unique and therefore more valuable. We left this page for your reference.

Stock is not for sale through the web site: call us at 765-969-5012 for stock on hand or check our dealers.

Custom knives from Kelgin Fine Knives

We can do an endless variety of designs – use your imagination. We don’t have any standard designs, but this will show you some of what we do and give you some idea of prices.

Remember these are custom made knives using lots of natural materials and so neither myself or Mother Nature can duplicate another knife exactly like the one in the photo sample. Of course, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed, If the knife you order is not what you expected we will make it right or refund your money. In 20 years I’ve had to give one refund. I’ve also remade the same knife 6 times till the stag fit the customers hand right. We will make you happy if at all possible.


Meteorite Knives
If You want a really different knife- how about one with a blade made from an actual shooting star- a meteorite!! Each Iron/nickel meterorite has its own unique pattern not found in anything earthly in origin. This pattern shows in blades from solid meteorite but the iron blade is not practical for use. You can also get meteorite damascas which gives you a functional blade of excellent quality but unfortunately loses the original meteorite pattern. Check the web under meteorite or call with any questions. Prices start at $99.00 for a very small “primitive” knife on a stag tip and sinew wrap. Small hunters run $250.00 – $350.00. On the rare occasion we can find a piece large and solid enough for a bowie- the cost ranges from $5000 to $8000!


Custom Hunters
A Kelgin Custom Hunter once helped TV’s Matlock solve a case.

Custom Hunting Knives

Price of $195.00 includes:

  • 440-C Blade
  • ¼” Band of exotic material, spacers and wood handle.
  • Brass Guard
  • Endless Handle Variations
  • Butt cap adds $20.00
  • Stag adds $40.00
  • Price includes leather sheaths
  • Damascus prices by quote


Accent and Spacer materials available:

  • Turquoise
  • Coral
  • Malachite
  • Lapis
  • Leather
  • Water Buffalo Horn
  • Fossil Ivory
  • Oosic
  • Thin color band in black, white, red, blue or copper

View an image of our materials.



Paula’s Hunters
Our most popular knife!

Featured in “Gun Digest Book of Knives” 5th Edition Chapter 11. Also sold through Orvis. You can read more about it here.

Paula Largin's Hunters

Price of $99 includes many exotic wood choices. You can choose accent materials on the knife as in center knife in photo. More exotic handle materials available by quote.

View an image of our materials.



Two standard styles available. Classic or Scagle style. Custom designs by quote.


Price of $250.00 covers most woods on classic Bowie. Other options by quote.

Price of $295.00 on Scagle includes choice of color bands in leather and several stag choices.

View an image of our materials.


Desert Storm Defense and Tantos Styles

The Desert Storm fighter is our most famous knife. General Colin Powell ended up presenting one to each Gulf War POW. You can find out more in our scrapbook.





Each is a true mini knife. Ken uses the same full size equipment to grind each blade. The blades are hardened and tempered then assembled – all the same as it’s full sized counter part. They are sharpened and honed to a final cutting edge last thing. Minis run from $59.00 – $125.00

Miniature Knives


Hunters, Skinners and Work Knives

If you’d like to read about my one big hunting story, you can find it here.

This is where most knives that are used meet their test. We can design a knife here for very specific wants and needs. You can be very involved or just give us some basics and we’ll go from there. We will adjust the feel, grip, or texture of your handle, choose a steel for certain qualities and traits, even the angle and thickness of your cutting edge will be adjusted to your particular knife.

This knife will be the ultimate tool or gift, something to be used and passed to the next generation. Prices start at $99.00.

Hunters and Skinners


Kitchen Knives, Sterling Tableware, Carving Sets and Steak Knives


Would you like to finally have kitchen knives that you enjoy using? How about a set that matches your kitchen or fits your hand like it was make for it – because it was!!! Anything is possible as we custom build your knives to look, feel, and work like you want them to. Prices are comparable to finer factory made pieces but these are your own one of a kind made of the best materials.

We can also make steak knife sets and carving sets. Your imagination is the only limit as to design and unique handles, from exotic woods to stone or pearl, and the quality will be the best.

For that really unique gift or to really set off a formal meal – how about a set of custom sterling tableware? Each set is made to order both in design and the number of place settings. We can even take your sterling tableware and put beautiful handles on them to give them a totally new look. Imagine your rustic dinning room with a set of stag handles and turquoise, or your formal dinning room set in glassy black jet and mother of pearl silverware. An heirloom for sure!


  • Kitchen Cutlery starts at $79.00 to $170.00
  • Carving sets start at $250.00
  • 6 Piece steak knife sets start at $450.00
  • Sterling tableware starts at $495.00 for a four piece place setting
  • Paring knife $59.00 and up
  • 6″ Boning\filet $89.00 and up
  • 1 1\2″ X 8″ Chef $119.00 and up
  • 2″ X 8″ Chef $129.00 and up
  • 2″ X 10″ Chef $139.00 and up
  • 3 Piece Set $295.00 and up


(Set includes 1 1\2 X 8″ Chef’s knife, one Paring, and your choice of Boning or Filet.)

All pieces guaranteed for life. $20.00 shipping\handling for any size set covers any repairs (garbage disposals included), complete re-grinding and sharpening, re-polishing handles. (Does not cover cost of replacing exotic handle materials or damage from soaking in water.)

Kitchen cutlery is available in any size or shape of blade and exotic handle materials such as fossil ivory, or stag and stones like turquoise, lapis, coral, etc. There are many beautiful combinations like black jet and mother of pearl or bands of turquoise and coral in fossil ivory!


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