Ken’s Philosophy

From a 1995 Newsletter

Well folks, this whole newsletter idea is great. I enjoy “keeping in touch” with the people who enable me to make such an enjoyable living. Any of you who have met me at a show know how much I love to talk, just ask Paula, but this is writing. My own mother still talks about the letter I wrote her back in ‘63. Paula has suggested that I share my philosophy on handmade knives. So here goes.

When I first started making knives the main focus in handmade knives was display knives – which still holds a major focus in the market. My idea was to produce knives for the user. I also wanted to do fancier versions but they had to be affordable and functional…

I found lots of buyers at local gun shows and smaller knife shows but I had yet to attend one of the “big-time” shows. When I attended my first, the New York Custom Knife Show, I got some strange “Why are YOU here?” looks. After selling 144 knives the following year, I knew that I had a winning idea. What everyone at the second show asked was “How can you produce a handmade knife that sells for only $50.00?” I will try to answer that now.

I will use any sort of equipment or technique that speeds up production if it will in no way compromise the quality of the knife. Even with the technology available nothing can take away the need for the skill and handwork that makes the knife a quality, handmade original. A factory tries to eliminate the need of skill and people, replacing them with technology. I use helpers and technology to get through the tedious rough work so that I can spend my time doing only the skilled hand work on each knife.

This method is what assures that I can produce lots of knives but each is under my control and inspection as to appearance, feel and quality. I have personally been responsible for the production of the 30,000 knives that I have sold. By this process, whether it is a customer’s original design for one knife or a dealer’s order for 500, each knife is truly a handcrafted, personally inspected original, with no two ever being exactly the same.

This philosophy has worked well and I just couldn’t do it any other way or it would be just a job. The appreciation and enjoyment people get from my knives is what keeps me going. If I ever win the lottery the only thing that would change is that my work would be my hobby. I hope that this explains what I put into each knife and why it is more than just what I do for a paycheck. I would like to thank all my customers in allowing me such an enjoyable occupation.

Our warranty is simple – as long as we are alive and able we will do everything reasonable, and then some, to make sure our work lives up to your needs and expectations. The best way to show that is to show you a copy of the warranty card that goes with each knife. Note the part where you set the “terms and conditions”. You can find a link to our warranty here.