Knifemaking DVDs

A satisfied knifemaking student!
Pete – one of our satisfied students.

Ken and Paula offer classes in just about any manner you wish and can sometimes even come to you if you can’t make it to the Co-Op in Tenneessee. They also offer apprentiseships and courses on DVD and book. Here are the current courses available and those coming soon. All courses are available through Blade Traders

See below for available classes on DVD and supplies.

picture of mini forge

MINI FORGE. This unique course is a step by step book with the mini forge that fits on a plumbers torch and all the materials to make 12 mini knives. It is a serious way to learn the basics of forging, hardening and tempering, and even a posible way to make some money selling the cool little knives! $49.99. BUY COURSE

picture of knife made on mini forgepicture of knife on necklace made with the mini forgepicture of knife made with mini forge
Examples of knives made with the mini forge

picture of book cover for making knives out of files

MAKING KNIVES FROM FILES. Show you everything in DVD and book form. Shows you haw with even the most basic equipment. $39.99 BUY COURSE

picture of book cover for putting handles on existing knives

PUTTING HANDLES ON PRE-MADE BLADES and RESTORING OLD KNIVES. This is full of information both on DVD and in pictures and text. You can do so much without having to grind your own blades! $39.99.

Bandsaw blade knifemaking book cover

MAKING KNIVES FROM OLD BANDSAW BLADES. This is a great, and potentially profitable way to make great knives from throwaway materials! Uses simple equipment. $39.99 BUY COURSE