We have connected with one of the few people in the world with enough Meteorite to manufacture Meteorite Damascus on a commercial basis, this has never been done before on any scale like this! You can order material from us to make knives yourself or have your favorite maker get the material to make a truely unique knife, a knife that is literally “out of this world”.

We will be selling the random pattern material through Jantz Supply exclusively as bar stock as well as finished blades. Pieces of solid Meteorite for knife components and solid Meteorite blades will be for sale directly through us, as will pattern welded Damascus by various makers. We can also supply Meteorite forging stock and specimen pieces.

Take time to look over the info on Meteorite below as well as copies of the certificates that will come with the material and be available to pass on to your customers. We have retired from general knifemaking to persue this and teaching knifemaking but will be glad to consider unique projects using Meteorite.

THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST! If you have questions that are NOT COVERED BELOW OR IN THE REFERENCES LISTED please then feel free to call. This has generated tons of interest and we just don’t have time to answer questions that you might have so we’ve made the most common answers and resources available. THANKS AGAIN! Ken and Paula

Random Pattern Meteorite Damascus is available through Blade Traders

“Damascus of The Gods”™

In 1572 Conquestadors discovered a strange sight as they searched for riches to send home to the King and Queen of Spain. A hugh Meteoroid had hit Earths atmosphere in the distant past and exploded, scattering pieces of a strange metal rock over a hugh area of the Argentine wilderness. Legends told of the rocks falling from the sky. It became known as Campo del Cielo (see-el-oh), place of the sky! Pieces were sent to the King, but to their dismay it did not contain the precious silver ore they had hoped for. The Meteorite was roughly 94% iron and 6% nickel. It was an Alien Material from Outer Space, probably once part of an Astroid that floated in the Astroid Belt between Jupiter and Mars.

Though not precious to the King, man has prized the use of this almost pure and rare Meteorite Iron in the making of knives for thousands of years. It’s been used for everything from primative arrow points and spear heads to knife blades using the solid meteorite or forged into steel. Legend has it that the knife Jim Bowie carried at the Alamo had Meteroite forged into the blade. In the 1980’s, Bill Moran, Father of modern Damascus Steel, used some to make his own now famous Bowie Knife! (see Sept. 1986 National Geographic Magazine) In 2005 the Kelgin Tri-star Bowie Knife with a blade of solid Meteorite sold for $5,000.00!

Today this rare material is still sought after by knifemakers and collectors alike. We call it “Damascus of the Gods”(tm) because of the unique crystal pattern in the iron that can only be formed in the forge of the Heavens. In fact each of the few hundred known Iron / Nickel Meteorites in the world has it’s own distinct pattern, like a finger print that allows you to identify which Meteorite it is. This pattern can only be seen after careful preparation and etching in acid the same as you do with man made Damascus steel.

Though it makes a beautiful and unique presentation blade, solid Meteorite is impractical for a using knife. If you wish to have a true working knife blade made with Meteorite you must forge it with other metals to make a Damascus Steel Blade. Though the heat of forging erases the original pattern of the Meteorite and replaces it with the pattern of the Damascus, the mystique remains. Meteorite may well be the rarest mineral on Earth! When you hold a Meteorite Knife in your hand you are holding something from the heavens, an Alien material that was left over from the formation of the Solar System! You are holding a “shooting Star”!

Kelgin Fine Cutlery has come across a very limited supply of this rare material suitable for knife components and blades. We also use some to make Certified and Serial Numbered bars of Meteorite Damascus Steel. We have material available for forging as well as polished slices or specimen meteorites, small and large. We expect our supply of material to last for 2 to 4 years, then it is gone forever, just like a shooting star!

For more information see or call Ken and Paula at 765-969-5012.

To order random pattern Meteorite Damascus go to Blade Traders

*Please note the following. With large falls like the Campo del Cielo there is lots of material left over after pieces of Scientific and Museum or collector interest are selected. By using this left over material for Damascus we are not distroying it, but helping preserve it and creating additional interest and awareness of this amazing part of our Solar System. The fate of this material would otherwise be to rust away in a field or garage never to be seen, used or appreciated. To learn more about Meteorite read “Rocks from Space” by O. Richard Norton or get a copy of the Sept. 1986 National Geographic Magazine. If your educational or home school group would like to do an educational program about Meteorites we will send a packet of information with a free copy of the National Geographic article “Invaders from Space”. We will include sample Meteorite material like the fine particles that make a “shooting star” with 100 clear envelops and information stickers plus one small Meteorite specimen. We ask for $25.00 to cover costs. Add $5.00 for each 100 additional samples needed. The book “Rocks from Space” is also available for $32.00 per copy.Send a large SASE if you’d just like the free copy of “Invaders from Space”. We will give a presentation at no charge if our travels take us to your area.Call 765-969 5012 for additional information.