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Learn about our most important tool and how it has been made throughout time. Learn how the ancient Calusa of Florida made axes that would fell a tree…from a sea snail shell! Learn how to knap an arrowhead and how man has made knives from meteorites for thousands of years. Learn about what sharp really is and about the six year apprenticeship to learn how to sharpen a Samurai sword. In the full hands-on version you make a sea shell knife, a stone arrowhead, and forge 2,000 degree red hot steel into a blade on the anvil! You even get to keep the tools you make!

What: “The History of Cutting Tools” Educational Event

Who: The presentation is a hit with boys and girls of all ages as well as adults.

When: Year-round.  We do a two hour, full day, weekend, or week long events. We can do a small group or we have demonstrated for over 1800 school children in a day!  See our travel schedule in the “About Kelgin” tab for details of our locations.

Where: It can be indoors or out with a quicker “show and tell” version or the full hands-on experience. We travel to your event or become our own event at your location, and can adapt the program any way needed to fit your venue.

How Much: We charge as little as $20.00 per person for your group. Discounted price is for a minimum of 15 people.  Call for special rates on customized events.

Some organizations we have worked with:

  • Everglades National Park
  • Everglades Museum
  • Boy Scouts of America
  • Green Berets

Thanks for your interest!  Please contact us with any questions or for quotes.